Medicaid Lawyer

If you’re disabled and have trouble with medical bills due to limited finances, or if you’re concerned about an elderly family member’s medical care, then it might be time to look into Medicaid benefits with the assistance of an attorney. Since applying for Medicaid can potentially be a long and complicated undertaking, it’s in your best interest to have legal assistance during the process.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a program jointly funded by federal and state funds for the elderly, the disabled or needy people with limited financial and medical resources. Medicaid may also help by offering benefits to cover personal care services and nursing home services. It’s important for you to know that Medicaid is not to be confused with Medicare, which is funded by Social Security deductions.

Understanding Eligibility

Medicaid is available to all U.S. citizens, with a focus on the disabled, the elderly, and on pregnant women. The poverty level or income amount of applicants in taken into consideration, and in some cases, certain individuals might have too high of an income level to qualify. Due to how expensive the Medicaid program is for the state and federal government to uphold and fund, there are stringent requirements in order to make sure that only qualified persons receive the benefits. There are also strict penalties for those who abuse Medicaid benefits or falsify application information.

An Attorney Can Help

By enlisting the expertise of MCDONALD LAW FIRM, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with highly experienced legal assistance. You won’t have to worry about working through red tape or bureaucratic issues when you have an attorney on your side and with their full understanding of the laws concerning Medicaid, your questions and concerns will all be reassuringly addressed. An attorney can also help you with a qualified income trust or a spend-down plan to help your qualify for Medicaid if your income is too high. They will assist you with the application processes and paperwork in either situation.

Medicaid planning can seem intimidating and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be when you have an attorney advocating for your rights and help you obtain any Medicaid funds and assistance that you are entitled to.