There are more than 55 million elderly Americans living in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Older Americans deserve an elder law attorney who can handle their unique challenges and legal needs. Only an expert in senior law can address issues such as home health, retirement, and disabilities.

Reasons to hire an elder law lawyer include expert knowledge in senior law and solid advice. An elder care lawyer also helps prevent abuse.

Here’s more on why you need an elder law attorney.

Expert Knowledge

It’s no secret that the law is full of nuances and specialties. It’s best to have an elder law attorney with specialized knowledge of elder care issues.

Long-term elder care involves discussing power of attorney and retirement planning. Also, family caregivers, and long-term care, such as nursing homes or assisted living, are pertinent discussions.

An elder law lawyer knows the latest updates to the law. An elder law attorney also knows the rules and regulations to protect your best interests.

Lawyers with a comprehensive understanding of long-term elder care will sit with you and explain each step of the process. And should you have any questions, they will be attentive to your every need.


Elder law lawyers will present you with options as you proceed with issues, such as retirement planning or home health care options.

What options are best? What things should you consider?

For example, an attorney that specializes in elder law can advise you on a living trust, the arrangement of who will manage your assets while you are still living. Moreover, a revocable trust is also something to consider, which takes over when you become incapacitated.

An attorney can also help should Medicaid pay for nursing home services. An attorney can help you keep your home.

Experts in elder law will give you the best advice in the future. Because they handle many cases, they are well-versed in seeing issues from all sides.

Abuse Prevention

One in ten Americans age 60 and older have experienced some form of elder abuse, according to the National Council on Aging. Many times, these cases are underreported.

Abuse comes in a variety of forms—from family caregivers to outside care. It includes neglect, abandonment, and emotional or physical abuse. Cases also exist involving exploitation.

An elder care lawyer will look after you and ensure your safety, whether you reside in assisted living or your home.

An elder law attorney will be your eyes and ears for your safety and well-being.

Do You Need an Elder Law Attorney?

Reasons you need an elder law attorney include legal knowledge, advice, and abuse prevention. Having a skilled expert in your corner is best as you plan for the future. It also provides comfort to your family, friends, and loved ones.

Why trust anyone else in Southeast Florida to handle your elder law needs? With a growing elderly population in Florida, our team will take your every need. Let our experts discuss and plan with you any issue surrounding elder care law in Florida.