How to Find the Right Estate Planning Attorney 
Estate planning is a natural reaction to growing older and considering your long-term future. It's also a good idea if you have money you want to keep out of taxes or leave to others after you die. There are numerous ways to plan for the future, but an estate planning [...] Read more ›
When to Hire an Elder Law Attorney in South Florida?

Elder Law in South Florida Elder Law is a legal practice area that exclusively focuses on affairs that affect aging people and their caregivers or relatives. Its purpose is to make preparations that will enable the elderly to enjoy anatomy and financial freedom. Elder Care lawyers can help senior citizens […]

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When Do You Need a Tax Attorney?
Taxes are one of those annoying parts of life that we all have to deal with eventually, but that doesn't mean they're the same experience for everybody. For some people, taxes are simple - you fill them out, you pay what's owed, and maybe you get a nice refund every [...] Read more ›
A Florida Tax Planning Guide for Taxpayers in the Sunshine State
As a business owner, you know this simple truth: money makes the world go round. Or, at least, it keeps the lights on and your lease active for another year. As a savvy business owner, you think ahead to situations that will cause you to lose money, like that annual [...] Read more ›
9 Most Common Mistakes In Medicaid Planning
Medicaid planning is a low-cost way to save your hard-earned assets and income from the government. If you need to qualify for nursing home care, upwards of tens of thousands of dollars - of your money - are at stake. To take Medicaid planning seriously is to secure you and [...] Read more ›
Why Medicaid Planning Is Essential – Before It’s Too Late

Protect your assets and provide for your family with this complete guide If you remember Aesop’s fable of the ant and the grasshopper, you remember that the ant labors away diligently while the grasshopper frolic’s in the grass. “Why are you working so hard?” asks the grasshopper. “We have food […]

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Why not to wait to prepare with an estate planning attorney

You may believe that estate planning is something you don’t have to worry about until you’re retirement age or older, but you’re wrong. Creating a plan with an estate planning attorney is not something you should put off or that you can do easily by yourself. Nonetheless, the need for professional, […]

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13 Probate Law Tips to Follow Today to Avoid Fights

Maybe you’ve recently experienced the death of someone you know or perhaps even of a loved one.  Have you watched a family feud develop over an estate? How long does probate take in Florida?  This can vary depending on the county. The death of a loved one is difficult enough […]

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16 Simple Steps for Busy Parents to Organize for Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of those things everyone has on their to-do list, but rarely do we get to do it!  We never seem to have time to get to it.  As a busy parent, you do things every day to protect your children and their future, you ensure they […]

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Billionaire's charitable initiatives are either scrutinized or accoladed by the media and society equally. People joke around that taxes and death are the only two certainties in life, and evading either is a failed attempt. But postponing taxes through strategic planning and manipulation of tax loopholes to skirt taxes in [...] Read more ›
The Importance of Tax Planning

Don’t Get Caught with Your Pants Down: The Importance of Tax Planning Taxes are an ambiquitous part of life for all of us – but most don’t even realize how badly they’re handling their tax expenses. Paying taxes is a hassle, sure, and it can cost quite a fortune – but […]

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The Basics Of Medicaid Planning

If you’re disabled and have trouble with medical bills due to limited finances, or if you’re concerned about an elderly family member’s medical care, then it might be time to look into Medicaid benefits with the assistance of an attorney. Since applying for Medicaid can potentially be a long and […]

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Case Against Do It Yourself Wills

A will is one of the most important financial planning documents, especially as you move toward retirement. Yet an astonishing number of people of all ages still don’t have one. Psychological factors are at play–it’s extremely stressful to confront one’s own mortality. Plus it’s painful to spend money on estate […]

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Trusts Offer More Protection Than Wills

This month marks five years of writing this elder law estate planning column, and the most enduring and misunderstood concept I still hear about from readers and clients concerns what a will does and doesn’t do. But my will says where my assets go …,” is a common refrain. Many […]

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Common Elder Law Estate Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Celebrity estate stories are rife with lessons about mistakes to avoid when creating an estate plan, such as problems with the estates of James Gandolfini, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs. Poor elder law estate planning may lead to probate, taxes and family disputes. Failure to […]

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The Basics Of Estate Planning

With regards to finances, the future is a big part of many people’s financial planning efforts. Be it the kids’ college tuition or the day when retirement finally arrives, financial planning is all about the future. Though college and retirement funds garner the most attention, men and women must also […]

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