Estate Planning Attorney

How to Find the Right Estate Planning Attorney 

Estate planning is a natural reaction to growing older and considering your long-term future. It's also a good idea if you have money you want to keep out of taxes or leave to others after you die. There are numerous ways to plan for the future, but an estate planning attorney can assist you by helping you develop a strategy and putting it into action when the time comes. Estate planning attorneys, also known as probate attorneys, can help you create legal documents that cover your assets, beneficiaries, and any trusts or wills you want to put in place. ... Read More
Elder Law Attorney

When to Hire an Elder Law Attorney in South Florida?

Elder Law is a legal practice area that exclusively focuses on affairs that affect aging people and their caregivers or relatives. Its purpose is to make preparations that will enable the elderly to enjoy anatomy and financial freedom. Elder Care lawyers can help senior citizens get the best long-term care and financial planning options depending on their financial abilities. ... Read More
Marshall McDonald Tax Attorney

When Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

Taxes are one of those annoying parts of life that we all have to deal with eventually, but that doesn't mean they're the same experience for everybody. For some people, taxes are simple - you fill them out, you pay what's owed, and maybe you get a nice refund every year. For many people with interesting financial situations, however, taxes can be a troubling mire of hidden clauses and outrageous fees. When do you need to hire or consult with a tax attorney? Well, the answer to that question has multiple heads and depends on a number of things. ... Read More