Why Choose Us?

Marshall McDonald is an accredited and licensed elder law attorney and has been successfully practicing in Florida since 1979. He has been guiding and protecting seniors in Florida for over three decades now and offers a broad spectrum of legal services that involve Medicaid, veteran benefits, and fiduciary services.

Hire Marshall McDonald When Faced With Complicated Legal Concerns

The field of elder law needs a broad knowledge base about the unique needs of the aging population. It covers all the aspects of planning, educating, advocating, and at times associating with the legal experts from other disciplines of law. Elder law attorneys need a special certification which testifies their in-depth understanding of the elder law and special needs as they apply to any given situation. At Mcdonald Law Firm, we go beyond the legal distinctions of elder law and work primarily with clients to meet their desired goals. A holistic approach backed by a vast experience enables us to deliver timely solutions even in critical circumstances.

Common Reasons To Consult A Certified And Competent Attorney

We provide comprehensive instructions and keep you updated at every single step so that you qualify for medical benefits at the earliest
We track the entire procedure and assist you throughout the process to ensure that you do not face any delays or disappointments, if issues crop up.
If not performed correctly even a simple act can end up in a long wait resulting in added disqualification. Our timely guidance will help you avoid such unintended consequences.
We help you follow the overwhelming bureaucratic rules that apply to your case
Drawing on our vast experience, we make your work easy when dealing with financial institutions and help you achieve your desired outcome.
Our planning is aligned with your unique situation and is flexible enough to accommodate unpredictable changes in your existing family structure.
We instantly notify our clients in case of any changes or amendments in the existing Medicaid rules that apply to their situation.
We have helped several families in Florida who have made unsuccessful attempts to go forward with their application without any legal assistance. Unfortunately these mistakes often cost a fortune to our clients until we fixed them.

Scope of Services

  • A detailed analysis of income sources, assets, and liabilities.
  • Allocating assets in their respective categories while ensuring 100% compliance with the guidelines issued by the Department of Children and Family (DCF).
  • Making the necessary arrangements to help clients qualify for Medicaid.
  • Preparing a holistic plan of action and giving clear instructions regarding every asset.
  • Gathering and reviewing each and every document carefully.
  • Ensuring that every step is taken in the right direction and at the right time.
    Accurate verification of all the assets and income sources.
  • Computing all the income and preparing an income trust if it is found necessary.
  • Listing of all the assets that have been transferred over the last 3 years.
  • Tracking the transactions of every account that has been closed during the last 3 years and recording where these funds were transferred.
  • Reviewing contracts if necessary.
  • Preparing a detailed application package for the Medicaid interview with caseworker.
  • Following up with the Department of Children and Family until the Medicaid application gets an approval.